The MEPS Promise - Electric Fencing in Kenya

MEPS Fencing Systems Limited, a pioneer in its field, has become the benchmark for the security electric fencing industry. The MEPS group stocks and distributes a full range of energizers and fencing hardware and has become a nationally known and respected company. MEPS products have become a household name and are now being specified by many governments, local authorities and industries as the product of choice to protect their utilities, correctional facilities and defense infrastructures.

This has been achieved by MEPS's continuous innovation, fast response to the changing dynamics experienced in the security field, the reliability of their products and the continuous support and close working relationship with their clients.

MEPS is currently the largest importer of electric fence products in Kenya clearly a known name in the electric fencing market. MEPS Electric Fencing caters for monitored electrified domestic wall top, industrial and farmstead perimeter security fences, as well as game, animal enclosures, boma's and temporary fencing for all types of animals. We also specialize in Razor Wire Fencing, Gate Automation, Bulletproofing, CCTV and Alarm Systems.

Why US?

MEPS has given over 25 years of quality national and international sales of electric security fencing and security alarm systems.

MEPS specializes in manufacturing and distributing of sophisticated electric fence monitoring equipment, energizers, razor wire, automatic gates, bullet proof glass, panic rooms, intruder and anti-bandit glass, and a range of security products.

We work on new and existing properties to design, install and maintain effective and high quality electrical security systems. Our aim is to bring you reliable and cost-effective security systems that protect your premises, people, equipment and stock.

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